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Default Error Code 0x80070022 during install

Yeah something was not right with that DVD burner I had. Before I had all
the issues, the first install of Vista I did it took for ever to get to the
install screen. I just put in a new Samsung DVD burner and it is flying; so
this appears to be the problem. Its really moving along pretty quick here,
now I hope I don't run into the networking issues that started this whole
mess for me to begin with.

"Ian Cheung [MSFT]" wrote:

It should not take so long to boot from the Vista install disc. The dvd rom
is unusually slow. I don't know what could be the cause. If you have another
IDE DVD rom, it may work better.


Im not sure what you mean by copying the files?

If you have an existing XP partition, you can try copying the files from the
DVD to a local harddisk, and run the setup.exe from the local harddisk.


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"Joe C." wrote in message
Well I did a bunch of times. One other thing too, it takes about 30
just to get to the install or repair windows screen after I hit any key to
boot from the dvd. Its clearly working and then all of a sudden its like
Windows forgets that it was installing from a dvd and then asks for
for the dvd rom. Because if I go into the drive that Vista install disc
in it says its a CD-rom and doesnt show any of the files from the install.

Im not sure what you mean by copying the files? It said it was copying
files and then when it gets to expanding them it just goes through this
mess. So Im not certain what the deal is and I did by a new dvd burner
is sata instead of IDE. Maybe if the current install fails again I'll put
in and try with that.

"Ian Cheung [MSFT]" wrote:


Setup encountered error while copying files from the installation media.
From the error code, it seems to indicate that there is some issue with
installation media. It could be hardware related. [It seems that Windows
some reason detected that the media disappears and appears again, and
determined that the reappeared media is different from the original one.]

Can you try running the installation again and see if it works this time?

If it still fails, can you try copying everything to your local harddrive
from the installation media and run setup from local harddrive?


This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no

"Joe C." wrote:

I had some issues with Vista and I decided to dump the previous install
go it fresh. After formating my primary hard drive; or at least
telling it
to when prompted to select a hard drive to install Vista on I got the
code 0x80070022 Make sure all files required for installation are
The last install I did was an upgrade from XP pro this time I decided
to go
at a fresh install to try and kick some of the issues I was having.
Now I am
lost I've spent all of last night and all of tonight fighting with
these darn
bugs any one got any clues for me?