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Default GTA:San Andreas on Vista

"Nick" wrote:

I can't even start San Andreas, it says please insert a valid disc on a different drive. - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

I had the exact same problem. So, I found a "crack" and it worked. So, that
ruled out any driver issues. I've since removed the crack because even though
I have a legal copy of the game, I'm sure I'm in violation of some sort of
agreement due to "modifying" the code.

I just hope Rockstar or Microsoft come out with some compatibility patch for
it because it's ridiculous that I can't play a game that I legally own.

This and Splinter Cell Double Agent are the only two games so far that have
given me fits. Double Agent works at times and others it doesn't.

Frustrating, but that's to be expected with a new OS. I'm sure in time,
things will get ironed out. I just hope the software companies are aware of