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Default GTA:San Andreas on Vista

Vista seems to have a little more problems with some of the copy
protections, then XP did. I'm sure it's part of the added security, it just
seems to work against the user.

Supreme commander, which is actually a Games for windows game and was
suppose to have Vista support had this issue. In this case, it was on both
Vista and XP. My hats off to Gas powered games and THQ, because on their 2nd
patch, they removed the CD check. Not bad for a game only a month old.

I don't encourage piracy, but if a CD\DVD check stops a game from working,
then I have no problems using a CD\DVD crack. I don't think anyone is going
to come knocking on your door, espeically, if you can provide the actual

"Ivan Samuelson" wrote in message
BTW, the crack removes the CD check and that proves to me that there is an
issue with the copy protection within San Andreas.

Again, I hope they fix this. I don't trust cracks (who knows what they
screwed up) and I scanned the snot out of it before I installed it to
there were no trojans or viruses, but you can't always catch them.