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Default "Full range" not working for 5.1 rear speakers

"Slythe" wrote
Yeah well the thing is I now know of four different manufacturers having
this problem,
Realtek, Creative, Montego and Sabrent.
It can only be the OS because almost all work in 7.1 mode properly. Its
probably 1 wrong line of code that doesn't enable full range in the rear.
How do I get this straight to someone who can do something about it rather
than ranting in forums?!
I have moaned and pleaded in the forums of winamp, thetechguy,
and thevistaforums, the general consensus is that the rear speakers sound
awful and that a tiny bug is to blame... Updating drivers does jack-all
and I
need some real help here!

But thanks for posting anyway...

If you think it's a bug in the OS you can report it to MS. If the confirm
it's a bug they don't charge you for the support call. Here are some
options in reporting it.

Rock [MS-MVP User/Shell]