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Ward Taylor
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Default =4GB ram=3d display problems with nvida based video card

Through further troubleshooting, I have determined that a 3d app will
load and perform properly *before* vista's superfetch has completed
filling ram with it's cache, once it stops and the free ram is near 0 3d
apps don't work. I can duplicate this by loading an app that takes a
large amount of memory like a vmware virtual machine and then closing
it, before superfetch has finished repopulating the ram, a 3d app will
load and perform properly. I am thinking that either my bios(latest
version for this board), vista, or a driver is not properly handling the
software memory remapping feature.

JW wrote:
There is no problem and none of your real memory is being used by the video
What you are seing is the total address space allocated to the video card
and not the actual memory on the card. This is discussed in the link I
provided you.

"Ward Taylor" wrote in message
Thanks for your input. The correct amount of ram is displayed in windows
and in the bios, just not the correct amount of ram on the video card
displayed in dxdiag. I have run memtest86, it reports no problems. The
system is up 24/7 running boinc and I never have any crashes. I do not
think that it is a hardware problem.