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Default Any solutions To Dvd writers not being recognized


As I have previously read and posted there seems to be numerous problems to
many dvdwriters not being recognized or appearing in device manager as non
functioning. I have 4 different dvdwriters that I have installed on a vista
based pc and none of them work i have updated all firmware and been told by
the manufactures that they should work. But alas all of them get code 39
errors when installed . As we get closer to release date I keep looking for
solutions but none seem to appear only more identical problems as I have
encountered anyone know if Microsoft is working on a solution for this
problem? Luckily I have another box running xp pro so i am still able to burn
but as to installing anything new on the vista pc i am at a standstill
without functioning cd-roms. Please any response would be greatly appreciated
Stuck in limbo