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Default Extended Tiles - broken - any fix?

Actually, if you look again, you may be the one with the choice for Extended
Tiles, and your wife's View menu just lists Tiles. Your view of Computer is
a corruption of the Computer view's folder template. There are only a small
number of windows that offer Extended Tiles; Control Panel\Manage Wireless
Networks and Control Panel\Sync Center are a couple that I can think of.
Otherwise, in Explorer windows, the look is quite goofy (I think it has some
oblique mention of Offline Files, or something, either in the tile icon
itself, or in the Details pane).

Once your folder views start this sort of corruption, it gets worse from
there. (For example, I've had the Windows folder using a Music Details
template, which can't be changed using Customize, because that tab isn't
available in the Windows folder's Properties, the "Uninstall or Change a
Program" Control Panel using the Contacts folder template (with Import and
Export [contacts] in the Toolbar), just to name a couple of my own folder
view glitches, not to mention the odd Extended Tiles View in Explorer

Vista is set up to "remember" 5000 folders. That being said, deleting the
following two keys in the registry, will give you a clean slate, and reset
your folders to the defaults. (All remembered folder settings in Windows
Explorer for view state, window position, sort order, column information,
folder type, toolbar toggles, and search result views will be lost, just so
you know what to expect; but any corruption, which indeed does happen, will
also be deleted). The keys in Vista a


(right-click on the key BagMRU, in the left pane, and choose delete)


(right-click on the key Bags, in the left pane, and choose delete)

Log off and log back on to Windows to re-create the keys (done
automatically), and start anew.

"Michael Hainsworth" wrote in
message ...
The "Computer" window used to display as Extended Tiles. It still does,
the tiles are no longer "extended" -- they don't show the size of my hard
disks or the remaining capacity, etcetera.

My wife's account still displays Extended Tiles correctly, but mine does

I love this view! Halp!