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Default How can I automate sound device selection? (speakers vs. dock)


Your needs sound as though they could best be addressed by a forum devoted
to sound issues. There may well be a way to do what you want, but that
accomplishment likely will require knowledge in sound issues rather than in
Vista issues. Perhaps there is a sound card, or some external gizmo that can
do what you want, but I just don't know. Try using google to locate a forum,
or other source (sound card manufacturer?) to help resolve your issue. Just
some thoughts. I don't know of a way to do what you want by using Vista by

"CJSnet" wrote:

Hi, I have a VAIO laptop which has 2 sound devices shown:

1. Speakers / Headphones (SigmaTel HD Audio CODEC)
2. Digital Output Device S/PDIF (SigmaTel HD Audio CODEC)

This is pretty simple - when the laptop is undocked I want it to use its
spakers (1). When it is docked I want it to use the docking station's
S/PDIF (2).

Yet at the moment I have to manually go into Control Panel Sound, select
the device each time I dock/undock, and click Set Default.

Surely there is an easier way? I'm sure XP used to at least attempt to
switch automatically.

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