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Nathan Ley
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Default gta san andreas

Hey sorry to bump an old thread here. But i've been having some major
problems with my GTA SA.

I keep getting an error report such as follows:

problem event name: apphangb1
application name: gta_sa.exe
application version:
application timestamp: 42f3544b
hang signatu 7bd3
hang type: 2048
os version: 6.0.6000.
locale id: 2057
additional hang signature 1: f32a2987403a9d060118db0daf9809cf
additional hang signature 2: 4b7c
additional hang signature 3: 2595c41f7be721c48e3f6f5f52e34356
additional hang signature 4: 7bd3
additional hang signature 5: f32a2987403a9d060118db0daf9809cf
additional hang signature 6: 4b7c
additional hang signature 7: 2595c41f7be721c48e3f6f5f52e34356

sorry to ask this here. but i was wondering has anyone had a similar
problem? should i search for a crack? the game usually just freezes when
i click start and its getting mightily annoying!

thanks in advance for any help.

Nathan Ley