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Default Modem Drivers!!!!!!!!!

Where can I find and who make a modem that connects through ehternet

Dually man

"superyooper" wrote:

What kind of modem did you find that works? I've been trying for over a week
and I can't seem to find any info on which modems work with Vista. I know
that US Robotics modems don't work...Any info would be great! Thanks in


"Tyramire" wrote:

Your problems is obtaining vista compatible drivers for USB based modems.
Many manufaturers are going to take along time to rewrite theirs or will
prefer people to upgrade. In the meantime a modem connecting through your
ethernet port will work, as this connection requires no drivers.

I had to go buy a cheap ethernet modem because i had the same problem as
you. No problems since.

Hope this helps