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Default New AVC-3610 Driver Causes Blue Screen

After installing the new RC1 release of Windows Vista I proceed to test my
machine setup with my Adaptec AVC-3610 Dual TV Tuner. This is listed as one
of the supported devices on the Vista requirements page. In beta 2 and 5536
there were no related issue with setting up this device. In RC1 the drivers
installed however when downloading the update from Microsoft through Windows
update the download failed. When I went to the device manager, the AVC-3610
FM showed a yellow exclaimation. When I tried to repair the driver it said
that the driver was up to date and functioning fine. The properties window
said there were no drivers installed. When I try to uninstall the device and
reinstall the driver the computer blue screens and restarts. This is
repeatable everytime. This is an issue with the latest driver and needs to
be taken up with Adaptec.