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There's nothing unusual about this. This is the norm for
almost all of the vendors about software support for systems
in development.

Philip Saunders wrote:
Heres the offiical reply from LEXMARK

Dear Mr Saunders,

We will be able to develop drivers for Windows Vista when Vista is fully
released. Currently Microsoft estimate that it will be out towards the end
of the year.

Kind Regards

Ben Lambourne

Customer Support

Lexmark International Limited, Westhorpe House, Westhorpe,

Marlow, Bucks. SL7 3RQ

P: +44 (0)8704 44 0044

F: +44 (0)8704 44 0033


"jwardl" wrote in message
Can't guarantee anything, but, try the XP drivers.

It worked for me on my Samsung.

"Philip Saunders" wrote in message

Anybody know where I can get VISTA drivers for LEXMARK X2350 all in one.

There's nothing on there site.

For RC2 I'm shocked at lack of support on the driver front.