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Default RC1 & SoundMax -- funky results (USUALLY no sound)

One thing I've noted is that the "Apply" button is greyed out -- so even
when I go through that whole configure routine that I outlined in my first
post, I don't get to apply it -- so, I then go back to the Sounds section
and do the test of "critical stop", or whatever, and I do hear them -- but
it looks like I can't get the configuration to "stick" because I can't get
an "apply" to happen? (Don't know if that's the disease or the symptom of
the disease).

"SilvrDragn" wrote in message
I am having a similar problem too. I am running vista rc1 5600 on an intel
board D865Perl which also came with soundmax for the onboard soundcard.
and video files works fine but there's no sound when i play dvds with
player. DVD audio works fine with powerdvd software though.