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Default Cannot see part of a partitioned drive

How big is the drive? (If it is around 10 GB or so, it is most likely a
Recovery Partition. Does your computer's documentation say anything about
Recovery or making Recovery DVDs?)

How is the disk formatted (NTFS, FAT, FAT 32, etc.)? If the disk is 10 GB
and is truly empty (due to it's formatting, the files may just not be visible),
you could just reformat it.

Is the disk labeled?

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"Bazzer" wrote in message

Thanks for the replies.

I checked have now Disk Management and the drive appears as (D, which is
what I wanted it to be, (originally it was E), and it has a healthy blue line
above it. - The C: drive has the boot, install & set up files.

Having seen the drive in Disk Management, I have now tried to save a file to
the D drive, (which incidentally is completely empty) and an error message
appears in the "Save As" dialogue box of "No items match your search".

It's as if the drive can be seen but is not being recognised.

Any further thoughts would be appreciated.

"Cal Bear '66" wrote:

Is this second partition a Recovery Partition set up by the computer
manufacturer to enable you to recover your computer to a factory shipped
condition? If so, then you should leave it alone unless you made Recovery

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"Bazzer" wrote in message
My laptop has Vista Home Premium and came with a 100GB HDD partitioned to
drives. The drives were to be reassigned new letters, but accidentally only
one partition was assigned a letter. The other drives letter was cleared
a new letter not assigned. Now "Computer" only sees the drive to which the
letter was assigned.

I cannot use restore as there have been a number of updates before this was
discovered and a restore point prior to this event isn't available.

Any suggestions please?