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Default 2GB to 4GB, how much of an improvement?

I run Vista Home Premium without any problem on a since core laptop with 1GB

"JonBoy" wrote in message
Hi Johnboy here i was just wondering i've got aPD Dual core processor and
1.5gb Ramn wld that be ok to run vista home premium. Write bk thanks

"JW" wrote:

The MOBO Bios may be coded not to show the option unless 4GB of memory is
The problem is you don't know unless you try upgrading to 4GB.
"Alfred Kaufmann" wrote in message
It is an Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard and the documentation reads
that it supports up to 8GB of ram. I do have their lastest bios
installed but their is no such option of memory remapping. They
advertise the motherboard for Vista so maybe they will have a fix with
their next bios update.


On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 19:23:11 -0400, jabloomf1230

What's your brand and model of MB? It's new enough (AM2) and it should
have that option. If not, there may be a BIOS update for your MB that
adds that option to the BIOS setup.

The main problem with going to 4MB is that some of the earlier versions
of nVidia Vista graphics drivers did not work properly with SOME
graphics cards and 4 GB of system RAM. Else, there shouldn't be a
problem with Vista x64.

Alfred Kaufmann wrote:
Thanks for the information everyone! I have Vista 64bit, an AM2
motherboard and an AMD X2 64 processor but I can't find this "memory
remap" option in my bios. Also from what I have been reading this
upgrade is best avoided. :-(


On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 10:26:20 -0700, "JW" wrote:

He will not need to use the page file until the programs/data
to be
kept in memory use up all of the extra 2GB in his system.
If you are running Vista 32 you will probably only get the benefit
of a
little over 1GB of the extra memory you add. See the following:

"Richard Urban" wrote in
Little to no improvement if you run "normal" applications.

You will still need the pagefile.



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"Alfred Kaufmann" wrote in message
I am thinking of going to 4GB ram and I wonder if it is worth it?
only reason I am thinking of doing it is to turn off virtual
and eliminate swapping on the hard drive.

Please let me know your experience if you have done this upgrade.