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Default SD (Secure Digital) Causes Blue Screen in Vista x64


Thanks, for the reply. I checked out the ftp site. None of the
folders listed my system and most were empty; however, undetered I
checked each folder's contents individually and found the following file
"," in one of the folders near the very
bottom. This is the same Card Reader I use on my machine and looks like
the same file that's on the "AcerPanAm" site, listed under the Aspire
5100 drivers folder simply as "Vista," not Vista x64; however I have
verified that the extracted files from the AcerPamAm site do have x64

But the installer doesn't work in Vista x64. I had to drill down
alternatively to either the "x64 Cardbus," or "x64 Card Reader" folders
and install the drivers from Device Manager. When I did this they
installed correctly and Device Manager reports all the various
components of the device as working properly; but it still doesn't work.
It may not be a problem with the drivers, it could be with Vista

I am going to copy the extracted files to my flash drive and compare
them to what I have at home. If the drivers are different, I'll try
installing them and let you know what happened.

Nice detective work!

Thanks, John