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Default SD (Secure Digital) Causes Blue Screen in Vista x64

I received another email from "Vivian" at MS last night. She said she
analyzed the Minidump files I sent her as an attachment and stated that
"ntoskernel.exe" was the affected OS file. Also, in her reply, she
instructed me to restart the system in "Clean Boot" mode. This involves
running "msconfig" and checking "Hide All" on the Services Tab, then
pressing "Disable ALL;" then pressing "Disable ALL" on the Startup Tab,
then pressing Apply, OK and restarting the system, also checking "Don't
Show This Message Again," when I get the msconfig NAG window when
Windows restarts. I then inserted the SD card and Windows did not detect
it at all. I then checked Device Manager and found a yellow "Conflict"
icon next to:"Storage Controllers\ENE PCI Secure Digital / MMC Card
Reader Controller."
I then pressed "Scan For Hardware Changes" in DM and the Conflict icon
remained. Then I opened the Properties window for this device and read
the following message in the "Device Status" window: "Windows cannot
load the driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupt or
missing." I then attempted to reinstall the driver from the "DM
Properties" window; but the Wizard reported that the device was
up-to-date, almost immediately, leading me to believe that nothing was
actually installed, since reinstalling the driver should have taken at
least a couple of seconds. I then removed the SD Card and pressed "Scan
For Hardware Changes" again and the Conflict icon remained. I then
restarted the system in Normal mode and the Conflict icon remained. I
then instructed DM to uninstall the driver and delete the driver
software by checking the appropriate box in the confirmation window.
Windows' "Plug & Play" started immediately and could not find the driver
software, so I had to manually guide P&P to the correct folder, DM
installed the driver successfully and the yellow conflict incon
disappeared. I did not retest the SD card in Normal or Clean Boot mode,
because I was composing a response email to Vivian at MS and a Blue
Screen would have caused me to have to log back into Hotmail again.
Besides, it was after 11:00 pm and I had had enough for one day.

BTW, Vivian also instructed me to run the "Memory Diagnostic Tool" and
this would not work from either the Startup Search Window or the install
disk. In both cases I received the message: "Info for the selected entry
could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt,"
"boot\memtest.exe," Status: 0xc000000e. I drilled down to the
appropriate folder and located the application "memtest.exe," Version:
6.0.6000.16386, Date Modified: 11/2/06 2:51 am, 377 KB. I checked the
Permissions and System, Administrators, and Users all have Read &
Execute permissions. These appear to be correct.

Vivian also had me run "MSINFO32" and save the file to the Desktop as a
compressed file to email to her as an attachment, which I did.

**Please stay tuned for the next exciting installment of: "What the
$#@!^& happened to my Memory Card Reader."



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