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Hardware and Windows Vista Hardware issues in relation to Windows Vista. (microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices)


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Old April 15th 08, 10:01 PM posted to microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
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Just for the record folks: This DELL system is the first prebuilt system
I ever bought in my life, and if god willingness will be my last. I
always build my own systems, because I like to know what I have, but
since I am in a budget I had to either pick from buying a prebuilt
system, or build one from scratch. Since building a system would cost me
way over what I would pay for this crappy system, I decided to buy this
[email protected]#%.
The first thing that went when I unpacked it was the operating system,
and the partitions. I like to install my own system; not having any crap
that I am not going to use is a waste.

As for the advice from ‘axmt’, about power management that is the first
place I go when I first install my systems. Yes, I have all set properly
for a desktop system.

Now for some results:
1. After my last post, my son and I ran the computer a total of 15hrs
from running programs to running the games. Result AOK.

2. Before I went to work, I enabled the multithreading feature, and ran
random image-creating program that I had made way back. This program
take 5 pictures that I have taken and will combine them into one then
the result into a file. I set the randomization to a total of 50, which
means it will create 50 images from several pictures before actually
the image. Now this program is a total CPU pig, if anything is going to
it is going to be with this program. Results FAILED.

3. After step 2, rebooted my system, ran Crysis. Results CRASH!

From the above results, we can say it is related to the following:
1. RAM
2. Monitor signal
3. Drivers

I am not upset with the results considering I am actually using the
drivers and the Control Center, with no constant crashes like I used to
get. I am very pleased with the results .

I am leaving the multithreading enabled and I am going to make more
changes, and will post the results later.


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Old April 16th 08, 12:51 AM posted to microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
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Listen I am sorry that I have not
mentioned this before, but since I got carried away in trying to figure
out the problem of these dam drivers, I forgot to mention it
ANYONE who has installed the “Catalyst
Control Center” package whether you made changes or not using the
Control Center be sure to select the (Preferences) menu tab, and reset
your adapter to “Factory Defaults” before un-installing the Control
Center or the drivers.
This is very important to do,
especially if you are doing some testing with your system.
If you do not, you will get the same
results when installing another driver whether old or newer.
So if you are experiencing the same
results, after un-installing the drivers and the Control Center, be sure
to install the Control Center, and reset your adapter to default even if
you did not make any changes. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
Ok now that my conscience is cleared, I
am still trying out some new changes, and will report later.

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Old April 17th 08, 04:31 AM posted to microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
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Well folks after numerous testing with the ATI HD 2600 XT PCE the
results a

1. With multithreading enabled the system crashed extensively.
2. With multithreading disabled the system occasionally crashed.

1. With DEP disabled and multithreading on, the system crashed
2. With DEP disabled and multithreading disabled, the system crashed

1. With DEP and DDC/CI enabled and multithreading enabled system
crashed extensively.
2. With DEP and DDC/CI disabled and multithreading disabled system
crashed occasionally.

1. With DEP and DDC/CI enabled, and background services set to full
performance, system crashed
2. With DEP and DDC/CI enabled, and foreground services set to full
performance, system crashed

Now the above tests were done with the 8.3 drivers and the control
center installed. These test range from
Printing, Gaming, Movies to productive programs such as CAD, Paintshop
Pro, Visual studio 2005, Visual
studio 6.0, Delphi 7.0, Burning studio, Databases, Word etc...

Now from all the tests, that I have done so far for the past month and
up to now is that the ATI drivers
are not completely the blame. What I mean is that they are partially to
blame for this bug. It is not the
whole driver package causing this mess, and I have no reason to believe
that the Catalyst Control Center
is the culprit. In fact, back a few weeks ago I ran the standalone
driver and still got the same results
as if I had the control center installed.

Now I decided to go on ahead to Circuit City and talk to one of my
friends, got a good deal on a GeForce
8600 GT, now mind you that this card is similar to the ATI HD 2600 XT
Ran all the tests the same way, no special tweaks or settings, and
guess what? ALL PASSED!

So my solution to this problem folks is this:

1. Removed ATI favorites from my internet explorer, and in with Nvidia.
2. Deleted all my packages that I have created to run the 2600 XT,
freed up 1.g
3. Deleted all references of ATI from my registry.
4. Deleted all email documents from ATI Techs.

For those who are curious as to what I did with the ATI HD 2600 XT:

And in with the good!
B.M'[image: http://www.driverheaven.net/images/smilies/smilie.gif]'

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Old June 3rd 08, 09:17 AM posted to microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
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I solved all of my crashes by simply upgrading the monitor driver from
my monitor manufacturers website. I have been running crash and error
free now for three days now when I used to bluescreen five to six times
a day.

Two 2.8GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon “Harpertown” processors
10 GB memory
1.32 TB storage
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
ATI TV Wonder HD 650 Dual Tuner
Windows Vista 64 Bit with all MS updates

I am not a MAC person but Apple had the most powerful and reliable
system on the market when I bought this system. It runs Vista better
than any other computer that I have encountered.

Not sure if this will help anybody else but it fixed my problems with


Posted via http://www.vistaheads.com

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Old July 25th 08, 03:33 PM posted to microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
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Posts: 45

'atikmdag error message/computer freeze. - Page 2 - Vista Forums'

What about the problem on like 1 out of 5 boots?''


*q6600 slacr quad cpu at 3.36 ghz/ fsb 1680 mhz ~ asus p5b deluxe ~
mushkin em2-6400, 8gb at 840 mhz, 5-5-5-15 ~ maxline pro 500, raid 0,
931gb ~ hd 3850 512mb/ hd 2600 pro 512mb ~ dual tv tuners: ati 650 pro/
550 pci ~ silverstone op650 ps ~ 3 lcd multiple display w/ full custom
aero ~ ... vista ultimate 64-bit ... windows experience index 5.9 ...
system runs 24/7 *
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Old July 14th 09, 12:35 PM posted to microsoft.public.windows.vista.hardware_devices
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Hi Guys, fix here for atikmdag error.

I had this chronic problem on my new ASUS M51se laptop (32 bit vista &
ATI HD 3470) and was able to solve the problem by uninstalling ATI
Catalyst Control Center which removes the atikmdag command all together.

Details of the problem are on the attached link.

To uninstall I used windows add/remove programs, you just uninstall the
ATI 'install manager' program and follow the prompts that say 'uninstall
all ATI software'. This will not affect the driver. More details are on
the ATI website about removing the software.

I had been getting major system freeze ups and this atikmdag error was
appearing all the time, even had a blue screen crash! Uninstalling ATI
CCC has totally fixed my problem and has not changed the quality of my
graphics (note I don't do gaming but heaps of duel screen video

I also want to point out that I tried removing windows updates and
messed around with other fixes & drivers but without result. This is the
only thing that has rid my system of this severe instability.

Posted via http://www.vistaheads.com


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