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Default Vista Hangs at welcome screen

Ervinr82;524438 Wrote:
For the last couple days I have been having a weird problem, When
logging in
after i have typed my PW my laptop will just hang at the "welcome"
with the waiting icon, it seems like the computer is doing fine, It
hangs for sometimes ever and sometime 2-10 minutes. I am on the verge
just re-installing. Please help me out, if you need any additional info
please let me know.

Hi Ervinr82,

It may be a startup program causing this. Test to see by booting into
Safe Mode. This tutorial will show you how if needed. Just select "Safe

If it boots into Safe Mode without any problems, then it is a startup
program. You can then just Disable a startup program and keep testing
until you find the bad one, and Remove it. You can then Enable the
other back. Method One will show you how in this tutorial.

If all else fails, you can try doing a Repair install before having to
do a clean install. This will allow you to repair your Vista
installation without losing your files, settings, and programs.



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