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Default Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller (Code 12) Problem solved inSP1

On Dec 4, 12:42 pm, AlKolkin wrote:
On Dec 2, 10:43 pm, akagiredsun1

Please read through the entire thread. Did you attempt this post (see bottom)?

Note: Disable all the offending USB drivers before starting this uninstall.

"LG" Wrote:
Vista users: Don't install "ATI PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver"
... (edited for brevity)
The fix for this problem is easy. Go to Device Manager, open the "System
devices" node, then right click and Uninstall the "3GIO Filter Driver". Make
sure you click the "Delete the driver from your system" checkbox. Then it's
just a matter of enjoying the fantastic fireworks of failing drivers. After a
few restarts the correct drivers should be back in use.

Well, here is my story in a nutshell.
I followed all the thread and uninstalled ATI PCI Express Filter
(3GIO) I did not understand why that was on my system and neither did
Microsoft!, I uninstalled the USB Microsoft update, and tried the USB
Hotfix suggested on the Microsoft website..
Nothing fixed the problem.
I got on the horn to Microsoft and as a consequence I:
Upgraded in-place - no change (though my system runs faster)
Installed the latest chip set for my 680i motherboard - no change.
Microsoft has escalated this up to the third level.
I will let you know when someone in Microsoft fixes it.
As far as I can see, it is related to the Nvidia motherboards.
Microsoft says they have been getting a lot of calls about this
All of you should also call and the call is free because it is related
to Windows Update.
The more information they have about this, the better.
believe it or not, the tech support people have not been reading this

I placed a call to Microsoft and after the third escalation, we still
could not find the cause. They were again escalating this to a 4th
tier specialist. In the meantime, the Vista SP! RC1 came out that I
installed. The new Standard OpenHCD USB driver version is
6.0.6001.17052. For those who are having trouble with this, just wait
to get the upgrade or if you are a Technet subscriber, it is available
for download. Clearly, there are problems and issues with the older
version, which caused it to have conflicts for resources.

I have not fully tested the RC1 update fully yet, but so far there are
many things working better and faster, despite what some of the
previous blogs have said about no improved performance.

Good luck to you all.
Al Kolkin