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Hi Mark--

It's strange that you posted this on 8/25 and posted the exact same thing
that I answered on 8/27

A lot of us have been looking for something besides AVAST since it won't
install on Build 5536. I don't know the particulars of Trend and Vista, but
MFST is saying they have a partnership and it will work.


You might try AGV. I could install AVAST to run a scan but not for
AVprotection. I have an idea that might work though--

Go to driver verifier by typing verifier in run boxdisable all software
drivers for PCillin and that might do dthe job. Your not disabling the
drivers--your disabling *Inspection of them which does not matter since you
know and verified the source.

You may be able to fix your boot of Vista using one of these two programs to
fix the bootloader or if not, try the Recovery option when you put in the
Vista DVD on the setup page after language in the lower left and try Startup
Repair in Vista.

I gave you instrucitons for F8 options and startup repair and only began
this because you are repeat posting on different dates and I didn't realize
it until I found your old post.


"Mark" wrote in message

I installed trend pc cillin and now vista won't boot. It claims it can't
find the boot.ini file.

XP is on C and Vista is on a separate partition E.