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Default Antivirus software necessary?

Thanks for this John. I couldn't make Avast work in 5536, I think if I
configured Driver Veriifier not to inspect its software drivers it
would--several people are having that problem and P-Cillin works great.
Since Vista has a decent firewall configurable with the Advanced MMC
snap-in, I didn't load the whole firewall Available in P-Cillin 14.

Appreciate this. It solved my Vista 5536 and up AV problem hopefully.


"John Barnett MVP" wrote in message
If you use the internet it is essential. I'm currently using the Beta
version of PC Cillin (details are available in the security center
window - Microsoft currently recommending PC Cillin and Trend Micro.

While these Beta versions are free at the moment they won't always be.
Some other freeware anti virus applaictions are AVG Anti Virus and Avast!
I have had Avast working fine on Vista, AVG has been somewhat troublesome
for me, but others say it works fine.

John Barnett MVP
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"ZAZ" wrote in message
AV software necessary for beta 2? If so, any recommendations of which
are compatible?