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Default Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller (Code 12)

"LG" wrote:

Vista users: Don’t install “ATI PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver”
November 15th, 2007
Enjoy using your computer? Then don’t install the optional Vista update “ATI
PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver” unless you are certain you own that
particular piece of ATI hardware.
I foolishly installed this bomb of an update, and upon restarting my
computer I found that my network card, sound card, and video card had all
The fix for this problem is easy. Go to Device Manager, open the “System
devices” node, then right click and Uninstall the “3GIO Filter Driver”. Make
sure you click the “Delete the driver from your system” checkbox. Then it’s
just a matter of enjoying the fantastic fireworks of failing drivers. After a
few restarts the correct drivers should be back in use.
I found no useful information online, so here’s the info that Windows Update
Information found at

"akagiredsun1" wrote:

I'm suddenly having USB device issues, and upon closer examination, my
OpenHCD USB controller is now giving me a Code 12 (This device cannot find
enough free resources that it can use.)

The only major updates I've had recently was the last Windows Update. I've
tried removing the offender, and all my USB controllers and reinstalling
them, but it comes back with the same error.

I have the following as USB Controllers:
- Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller
- Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller (Code 12)
- USB Mass Storage Device
- USB Root Hub

Any suggestions on how I can take care of this?