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Default upgrade to 64 bit

I am a student in a Computer Electronics class right now and I have been for
two years. I work on desktops day in and day out. I just don't fully
understand yet everything that is associated with processors, and I haven't
done any work on laptops. I guess the way that I really should have worded
the question is "Is it possible to upgrade the processor without voiding the
warranty of the laptop (in most situations)?"
I am a pretty technical person, just not with laptops. Thanks for your help,
and by the way, that was a pretty good assumption :-)

"Richard G. Harper" wrote in message
Anything's possible, but the expense and technical knowledge required are
beyond the average user. If you have to ask, it's not for you. :-)

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"guitardude" wrote in message
Is it possible to upgrade the processor in a laptop? Thanks for all the

"JW" wrote in message
A 2250 is a Core Duo chip which only supports 32 bit Operating Systems.
You have to have a Core 2 Duo(note the 2 in the name) chip to support a
64 bit OS.
"guitardude" wrote in message
In my computer properties it says:
Genuine Intel® CPU T2250 @ 1.73GHz 1.73 GHz

The processor logo tag on my case says:
Intel Centrino Duo

I don't know if this is enough info or not, just let me know. thanks
for the help,

"Dustin Harper" wrote in message
What processor do you have? That will tell you what it is capable of.
The Core 2 Duo, Athlon 64, and some P4's are 64 bit capable.

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"guitardude" wrote in message
Hi, I am currently running 32 bit Vista Home Premium, but I am
considering upgrading to Vista Ultimate and the 64 bit version if I
can. How do I find out If my hardware can support a 64 bit OS? Thanks
in advance,