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Default Laptop battery won't charge after Vista installed

I loaded Vista RC1 Build 5600 on my Toshiba Satellite laptop a few days ago.
Everything seemed to be running fine. The power management icon was running
is the systray and I thought it indicated the laptop was plugged in to AC
with 100% power and was set in the "Normal" mode. I did not shut the
computer down overnight to let the antivirus and tune-up programs run and
figured it would go to sleep when they finished. In the morning, when I
tried to start the computer, the first screen indicated that the laptop had
shut down when it was low on power. I had just enough battery left to
discover that it is not registering being plugged in to AC and then it shut
down again. I have tested my AC adaptor with a multi-meter and it is
operating properly. My battery is almost new and worked fine prior to
changing to Vista. Could there be some driver missing? I thought the
battery charger would be independent of the software (at least when the
computer is off). Any ideas? I cannot start the computer to try and update
any drivers. Any help is much appreciated.