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Default Laptop battery won't charge after Vista installed

"Swanie" wrote in message
I loaded Vista RC1 Build 5600 on my Toshiba Satellite laptop a few days
Everything seemed to be running fine. The power management icon was
is the systray and I thought it indicated the laptop was plugged in to AC
with 100% power and was set in the "Normal" mode. I did not shut the
computer down overnight to let the antivirus and tune-up programs run and
figured it would go to sleep when they finished. In the morning, when I
tried to start the computer, the first screen indicated that the laptop
shut down when it was low on power. I had just enough battery left to
discover that it is not registering being plugged in to AC and then it
down again. I have tested my AC adaptor with a multi-meter and it is
operating properly. My battery is almost new and worked fine prior to
changing to Vista. Could there be some driver missing? I thought the
battery charger would be independent of the software (at least when the
computer is off). Any ideas? I cannot start the computer to try and
any drivers. Any help is much appreciated.

With the computer off I would expect the charger to charge the computer
regardless of the OS or any drivers it may have. It sounds like you have an
issue between the charger and your laptop. This connection is often a
failure point. Try moving the plug around a bit in the socket and see if
the charging light comes on on your laptop.

Bob Headrick