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Default What Writers working with Vista Final?

I got my CD/R-W and Sony DVD Burner working with Vista. I am using
BurnForFree to burn DVD et al.

You might do a search on the group for "DVD" and "registry". Some have used
a published reg "hack" to get the drives working. I was going to do it in
RC1 but the registry was corrupt. Going to RC2 solved the problem (reg
rebuild during install fixed it ??).

Hope this helps.


"Tdawgx" wrote in message
So, ive gone threw a Pioneer710, sony and now a LG internal burner.

The Pioneer one wouldnt even let me get into windows. Same wiht the Sony

I just got a LG one that atleast gets to the Windows logo, but then just
stops. So anyone else have final and what burner are they using that
Took my system over to bestbuy geeksquad and tehy couldnt figure out why
of htem worked.

I did upgreade from xp to vista