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Default Windows Fax and Scan: Preview or scan images as separate files

Russ has been a positive supporter of these news groups for some time
and the comments on Ilene's problem (not described in his post) by
hazymat were inappropriate.
In my 45 years in the computing business, 99% of the user problems I
have seen are either self inflicted or the result of basic lack of
common sense. The old saying applies- it's tough to soar like an eagle
when you work with (or help out)a bunch of turkeys. I would classify
hazymat as a member of the turkey group.

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook] wrote:
You failed to quote any of this now outdated thread, so I have no idea
what you're talking about. But thanks for your thoughts. You are most
certainly incorrect to suggest that WFS was intended to replace the
software each scanner vendor supplies for creating documents from its
scanners. A specific vendor's third party software will and should be
better suited to those tasks than a generic OS utility.