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Default "USB Device not Recognized"

Old & befuddled, but still trying.

"jonathan perreault" wrote:

Try this fix to see if it repairs your problem, Before Posting. This
solution has worked for
some people with problematic USB and General Devices:

1. Locate the file INFCACHE.1 in C:\Windows\inf

2. Right click on the INFCACHE.1 file, select Properties Security Edit,
and give your account full control.

3. Delete INFCACHE.1 (Or just to be safe, rename it to INFCACHE.1.BAK or
temporarily move to your desktop but you shouldn't need to, windows doesn't
need that file to run, and if it needs to it recreates it).


Jonathan Perreault

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On Aug 24, 6:51 pm, Silvana wrote:
how do i get or open the file INFCACHE.1

thank u

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Hi Cal Bear '66,
Thanks for the info but this did not fixed my problem. If anybody have
an idea do not hesitated to post.