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B Barley August 29th 06 12:04 AM

Updating ATI or Intel Drivers on RC1 and Pre-RC1 builds
I doubt cmedia will get their act together for their new drivers for their
most basic motherboard chipsets used by manufactures like asus.

I've been using the win xp drivers, and it works...barely. I have a 7.1
surround sound system set up and all I get is the center speaker.

"JW" wrote:

By the time of the final release of Vista all of the hardware suppliers
should have released to MS all of the drivers for the products that they
plan to support for Vista. Certainly some older products will not longer be
supported since the effort to create Vista drivers for them will not be
considered economical by the vendors. Certainly some of the manufacturers
Vista driever wtill not be approved by MS in time for the RTM release,
however I am sure that many will be downloaded during the check for updates
part of the released product installation..

"deebs" wrote in message
I hope that in the final release of Vista that driver issues are more
automatically invoked than manually invoked.

Is it likely to be so?

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