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Default computer freeze

Then return it for warranty repair or replacement. That's almost surely not
a Vista problem if the unit is brand new.

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"MickyB" wrote in message
Same. I got a brand new computer and it freezes about 90% of the time even
when I have nothing open at all.

"tater930" wrote:

"justenuff" wrote:

So, my computer w/ Vista (came loaded) has froze up 13 times in the
three days that I have had it. I'm not using it for games, just
regular applications. When it freezes, I can't ctrl+alt+del to get the
taskbar. The mouse also freezes, so I can't get to the taskbar to
task manager either. I think I ran across something that concerns a
auto repair problems when programs have issues. Can I override this?
anyone know about this or have had a similar program?