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Default 5.1 speakers on laptop (toshiba satellite x200) reading as stereo

What configurations do you have as being available?
Are you using Vista's control panel to configure your sound device?
The specs on that laptop says there are 5 stereo speakers and one sub
woofer, so the 5.1 should be available.

My 5 year old desktop computer, using a SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio
device and running Vista Ultimate, has listed in the "Audio channels:"
Mono, Stereo, Quadraphonic and 5.1 Surround.
I only have one stereo jack plugged into one of the three available jacks,
so currently I am set to Stereo.
One of the other jacks has a microphone plugged into it. Although I have'nt
tested 4 or 6 speakers in Vista, it worked fine in Windows XP.

"Dave" wrote in message
I have subject laptop but the speakers properties have only stereo
listed for config in control panel. laptop has 4 x harmon kardon speakers
with bass, listed as 5.1 speakers under specs. Just loaded latest drivers
(realtek) from toshiba canada website but still no list of 5.1 speakers
config. Any suggestions on how to get the speakers listed as 5.1 or did
misunderstand the specs ? Any help would be appreciated. System has
Vista Ultimate, 1.8 ghz core 2 duo, 2gb of ram, video card is nvidia 8700m
gt, 512 mb vram. Thanks