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Ian McEvoy September 16th 06 10:27 PM

Conexant AC-Link Audio FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In Vista RC1 you can turn off the enforced driver signature checking via the
boot menu. Just press F8 for the advanced boot menu and select the option to
disable driver signature checking and manually install the driver fix shown
by Alex.

I have done this on my HP nx6125 laptop and I now have working sound - great

"Alex" wrote:

I have an HP computer and I found a fix that actually gives you sound.

Found on PlanetAMD64:

"Anyways, for Windows Vista x64 with Conexant/ATI Integrated Digital
Audio/SB400 (you get the idea)...

1. Download the attached and install the driver using device
manager. Since this is a beta OS, I'll assume anyone having this problem will
know how to do that.

2. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete and open Task Manager.
If you already disabled User Account Control, then go to File-Run and run
cmd. Go to step 3.
If UAC is enabled or you don't know what UAC is, go to the "Processes" tab.
If there's a button that says "Show processes from all users", click it and
go through the popup window, then go to File-Run and run cmd.

In either case, there should have been a line of text on the "Run" dialog
that said "This task will be created with administrative privileges."

3. At the command prompt, enter Bcdedit.exe –set nointegritychecks ON.

4. Reboot your computer. The sound will now work.

This whole issue is because in x64 operating systems, any kernel-mode driver
(audio being one) must be signed to load (hence the "Driver cannot be loaded"
error). The bcdedit command disables that requirement, allowing you to load
the unsigned driver.


Here's The File

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