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mtcoombes September 18th 06 08:00 PM

Two Questions: Windows Explorer, Mouse/Keyboard after Standby
I have clean-installed Vista RC1, on it's own hard drive (the primary
master). I have two other hard drives (D and E, the primary slave and
secondary slave), which contain data in NTFS format from my previous XP
installation. When I load Windows Explorer in Vista and navigate to these
drives, they load EXTREMELY slow. It is not unusual for me to click on the D
drive, and then wait up to a minute for the green bar at the top of WExplorer
to fill and the contents to be diplayed. Then, when I attempt to navigate to
a folder, the same thing happens. Any suggestions on how I can reduce this
load time?

Secondly, I am having problems with my keyboard and mouse both after bootup
and after coming out of standby (or whatever the default low power mode is
when you leave your computer on). Occasionally when I bootup (maybe 1 out of
4 times) the (PS/2) keyboard doesn't work, so I must restart which fixes the
problem. Also, when coming out of standby, my (USB) mouse no longer works,
again requiring a restart, OR for me to unplug it and plug it back into the
USB port. Any fixes?

Thanks for any info.

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