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Default "HID data has stopped working" - bluetooth mouse error

It totally worked for me.... i have a hp dv5 1004-nr windows vista 64bit i
think home premium.. try it..


100000000000000 THX HERALD

"harald" wrote:

I have a DV-7 1090 myself and a Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000 with
this problem. I did some debugging today on directions of an HP tech guy. I
found out that the problem is caused by the Quick Launch Buttons program,
QlbCtrl.exe. If you disable this program, the error is gone. Don't know by
the way what functionality I lost by disabling, but the annoying message is
gone though!

Here's what you should do:
Click on the Vista logo on the bottom left of your screen
In the search field, enter: msconfig
Press enter to start the program
Click continue if you get the popup of User Account Management
Choose the startup tab in the System Configuration Window
Browse to the "HP Quick Launch Buttons" and uncheck this item
Click the OK button and restart your system

The annoying message should be gone now!

Please post if this has solved your problem too!

"dreadpyrat" wrote:

Hi all,
I have an HP dv9700z laptop with Vista Ultimate 32bit installed.
I'm up to date all on all updates for Vista, including SP1.
I bought a Microsoft blue tooth notebook mouse 5000 and installed it.
It works fine except that as soon as it connects, I get this meesage:

"hid data has stopped working"

Then it asks me to close the program. The mouse still works however, up
until the next time I reboot. Then I have to repeat the installation all
over again.

I installed Intellipoint drivers as suggested on an HP laptop forum -
no fix
I searched Google and Microsoft's knowledge base...nothing.

I'm at a loss, can anyone help?