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Eienaoi wrote:
Alright so I've been completely perplexed here. I run Windows Vista on~

AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual Core Processor BE-2350 (2 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
ATI Radeon X1250

and I work as a 3D Modeler. I use alot of programs such as Torque Game
Builder and 3Ds MAX. Now I've disabled UAC and Windows Defender and the
problem still persists.

Are the programs Vista compliant? Did the programs indicate that they
can run on Vista? Or did you bring those programs over from XP or some
previous platform and did you use the compatibly mode on Vista to run as
XP, Win 2k, Win 9'x?

When I'm running say 3Ds MAX (happens with most of my developer apps)
and I go to save, or open a file, certain folders will cause the entire
application to crash; and this is WHILE saving.. so you can see my urgency.
Can anyone offer a solution?

Where are you trying to save the files? To what folders are you trying
to save the files? And do you have the proper permissions on the folder
the file resides to even save the file, even as admin.

What happens if you login to the machine as Super Admin, which is like
Admin on XP with Full rights? You can use Google to look up how to
enable the Super Admin account on Vista.