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Default 0x8000ffff -- When i Try installing Windows Live messenger..?

Discussions about Live Messenger are off-topic for this newsgroup.

Gary VanderMolen, MS-MVP (Mail)

"Zaaya" wrote in message ...

im totally happy to finally get rid of windows live beta from my
computer. the thing had super-glued itself to my system and i spent
weeks and weeks trying to remove it. thanks jonathan.

but sadly, i too developed this miserable catastrophic failure error
when i tried to install windows live again. the funny thing is, i was
able to install beta again, but not the earlier version! why was that?

anyways, i was able to thankfully thankfully install windows live
messenger again from its MSI link provided above. u can say im able to
breathe again!

what i actually wanted to ask was, is it only messenger that i can
download like this? i would really like to get windows live mail too. if
anybody knows a way, im all ears!

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