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Milhouse Van Houten
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Default nVidia 8600M GS driver for x64?

They don't, but they do for the XPS line, and that's how I came upon these:

I chose the first one (R200184.EXE) and it worked fine. I suppose eventually
they'll populate the Vostro side, but they don't sell them with 64-bit so
they probably haven't bothered for that reason.

"DL" [email protected] wrote in message
There are still problems with obtaining x64 drivers, and as such many are
unavailable for various hw
According to Nvidea 8600M is certified for X64, however Dell may have
modified it.
Dell makes no mention of X64 on its supported o/s for this model

"Milhouse Van Houten" wrote in message
Thanks. I know WU is not the place to get the latest and greatest driver,
but it's usually the place to get *a* driver, and usually a stable one.
It seems odd to me that Dell hasn't worked with MS to make one available.

I checked out that site and it's quite interesting. Per my Hardware ID,
this is the appropriate version, though it's no longer available.

I'll figure it out (there's a lot to read yet), but I'm wondering why
it's left to that site to make available something that's so
fundamental -- and for 2008 systems yet. Based on the thread for the
latest version, the stability of these drivers seem to leave a lot to be
desired, to the point where I might be better off with the Standard VGA
Adapter. Surely all parties involved would do well to release solid
drivers via normal channels.

"Curious" wrote in message
Try the following link. WinUpdate is normally the wrong place for driver

"Milhouse Van Houten" wrote in message
I was quite surprised upon installing Vista X64 SP1 clean on my Vostro
1710 to find that WU did not have a video driver waiting for me. As a
result, my WEI numbers for video (2D and 3D) were a whopping 1.0 with
the default "Standard VGA Adapter."

Naturally, I went to Dell's support site but found only x32 drivers.

I went to nVidia's site, but they said "M" class drivers are supplied
by the laptop vendors.

Surely I'm missing something, as this isn't exactly an obscure -- or
new -- card.