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Originally Posted by germanchiwawa View Post
With all due respect, you all suck. Vista Scan and Fax is broken, and
instead of responding to this nice lady's question you misinterpreted it
and gave snide responses.

I have been disqusted with microsoft for several years. Their software comes broke out of the box, their game console spends more time in the repair shop than in the home, and now it appears that their idea of "support" is to cut down and trivialize people who are trying to get help with their software that should work better or be better explained in the first place.
I too came across this thread because I can't enable the option "PREVIEW OR SCAN IMAGES AS SEPARATE FILES"- (did you get that?) thats PREVIEW- to look at a picture or document before it is captured to a storage device, OR SCAN- to actually capture the picture or document to a storage device, IMAGES- the digital form of a picture or document, AS SEPARATE FILES- meaning as multiple different individual files. Is that clear enough? See I can be condesending too. As a person who has spent hundreds of dollars on way overpriced, underdesigned, no quality crap from microsoft over the years, I think I, and we all, deserve quality support without the smug, dismissive and unintelligent attitude displayed on this thread by the "MVPs."
I have to agree with hazymat- the original question couldnt have been more clear. However let me take a stab at it. You know the option toward the bottom of the New Scan dialog window? It says "Preview or Scan Images as Separate Files." It is greyed out, that is, it is in a light grey hue. That means that the checkbox cannot be checked, and the option cannot be enabled, or used. The questions we have a "WHY?" and "HOW DO WE GET IT TO WORK?" I dont think these are particularly difficult-- Oh, wait, let me rephrase, I dont think these questions are hard to understand. MVP huh, where did you get that qualification- from a crackerjack box? Typical Micro$oft. And yes, inapropriate, but all true.

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