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Default Battery life: CD vs. HD vs. External HD

Some airlines also have the connectors in coach but maybe not in all coach
rows and you have to ask when you make your reservation for a row that has

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I'm going to be sitting on an airplane for too many hours. I'd like to
some videos on the laptop and am wondering the best way to maximize
life. Which uses the least power?
- Playing the DVD in the DVD drive
- Ripping the DVD to the hard drive and playing it from there (if I have
enough free disk space)
- Ripping the DVD to an external hard drive and playing it from there
- Ripping the DVD to a big memory key and playing it from there

Any suggestions? I would guess that the second option would be the best,
followed by the memory key. Don't know the trade off between the DVD
and external hard drive.

I'll bet there's an outlet for you to plug your laptop into.

Mine (a Toshiba) lets me play DVDs without loading Windows. Nice.

Great thought. Unfortunately I'm told that only first and business class
have outlets. We peons travelling coach are restricted to batteries.


I took a short Amtrak trip recently: each group of seats had a double
outlet. It was a nice trip ;-)