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Default Is there a way to install Vista on an old PC that has no DVD drives?

If you want vista for testing, why not create a Microsoft Virtual PC (free
of charge) on your modern pc. You can download it from Microsoft. After each
test, you just close the virtual pc, and things are back to the way they
were like you have not installed anything.

good luck

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On 4/8/2009 10:07 PM PT, Gary M typed:

If your old computer already has a Windows operating system installed
then you should be able to run the setup from within the running Windows.
Just copy the files from the disk (via your network as you mentioned)
onto your internal hard drive, or a usb memory key if you have a large
enough one and run the setup from there.

Doesn't that only do an upgrade over the OS? I remember Vista over XP only
did upgrade and not a clean install.
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