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Hi Guys, fix here for atikmdag error.

I had this chronic problem on my new ASUS M51se laptop (32 bit vista &
ATI HD 3470) and was able to solve the problem by uninstalling ATI
Catalyst Control Center which removes the atikmdag command all together.

Details of the problem are on the attached link.

To uninstall I used windows add/remove programs, you just uninstall the
ATI 'install manager' program and follow the prompts that say 'uninstall
all ATI software'. This will not affect the driver. More details are on
the ATI website about removing the software.

I had been getting major system freeze ups and this atikmdag error was
appearing all the time, even had a blue screen crash! Uninstalling ATI
CCC has totally fixed my problem and has not changed the quality of my
graphics (note I don't do gaming but heaps of duel screen video

I also want to point out that I tried removing windows updates and
messed around with other fixes & drivers but without result. This is the
only thing that has rid my system of this severe instability.

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