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Default Still Can't Delete a file

Dave-UK wrote:

"Justin" wrote in message
Dave-UK wrote:

How did you get ownership ?
You said you downloaded it from another computer onto your machine.
Right-click the file Properties Security Advanced Owner tab.
What does it say in the 'Current owner box'?
If it isn't you, you haven't taken ownership.

I downloaded it from the internet - my college's Blackboard system.
It has my account listed as the Current owner.

How's the file deletion saga going ? Still having problems?

Sorry Dave, I was working on something else.
I'm a student so I have pieces of time on and time off.
The problem has gotten worse - I not have several files that won't
delete - torrents in my Downloads folder. Now before you say somethign
abotu downloading unsafe stuff, I was downloading Formula 1 races and a
TV show - no software and they are all in the xvid format - no
proprietary players. I use VLC to play them.

Here is what I have:
When I right click and hit properties

Delete confirmation:

It barks at me saying it can't delete

Here is the security tab for one of the files.

So far I tried a utilility called move on boot - didn't work because
moveonboot can't find the file. I point it directly to the phantom file
and it barks at me saying it can't find it.

Apparently there's a pointer to a nonexistent file.
Deleting in safe mode - no same thing can't find the files.
ran malwarebytes check - clean.
I tried to rename the files - no dice - access denied.

I tried the following batch file
@echo off
del -p -f %1

goto exit

no effect whatsoever.

ran sfc /scannow
found nothing wrong.

My next step is to download a knoppix CD, boot from that and try
deleting without even entering Windows.