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Default 2nd harddisk for dv7-3020

To clarify that link;
This user guide describes features that are

common to most models. Some features

may not be available on your computer."

"Thomas Wendell" wrote in message
According to this manual, there IS a second HD bay

Thomas Wendell
Helsinki, Finland
Translations to/from FI not always accurate

"DL" kirjoitti
That model does not have provision for a second internal drive
You are seeing two partitions on a single drive and not 2 drives

In order to connect a second drive you need a drive enclosure which uses
either usb or eSata to connect to your laptop external ports

Where a laptop has provision for a second internal drive there are no
cables / connectors required the drive simply connects directly to the
internal connection all ready inplace

"Alan Whimp" wrote in message
rick it as got another slot for another harddisk i just need the cable
but i dunno where i acn buy the cable from

"Rick Rogers" wrote in message

Your laptop has both eSata and USB connections, but no additional drive
slots, it only accepts external drives. Your choices are to either
purchase a USB-based hard drive enclosure or use an eSata drive w/cable
such as the ones he

The proper terms for your installed drive, to avoid confusion when you
are describing it to others, is that it is a single physical drive
partitioned into two volumes. This is common with most manufacturers,
one is a recovery volume for use only when you have a complete
operating system failure. Access to this should be described in your
system documentation.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP
Windows help -

"Alan Whimp" wrote in message
I bought an HP Pavilion DV7-3020sa a week ago which has 2 HDD areas but
only 1 HDD fitted.
I have bought an identical HDD to the one already installed to fit
into the 2nd drive slot but cannot find anywhere where I can buy the
lead to connect it to the mainboard.
Having now tried over 15 companies, including HP, I am becoming
Does anyone know where the lead can be purchased?
It is a SATA socket on one end and a very very small plug on the other
and is only around one inch long. (Please note that it does not
connect directly to the mainboard in the usual clip-in method, it does
have a small cable!)