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Default Vista (Hp pavilion dv2000) Home Premium Network problems

Ok about three months ago my wireless internet was working perfectly
other than maybe signal problems, one afternoon there were some updates
needing to take place by restarting the computer so I restarted. Next
thing I know I login to the computer and the little light at the bottom
of my keyboard is red(wireless disabled) but it was in enable position
so I flipped it to disable and back again and nothing. Well after
looking around I couldnt find a way to enable it and just left it be.
Well I turned it on two days ago and it was working so I thought "Hey
its fine now" but then it wasnt working the next turn on. I went to
device manager and the WLAN or Wireless adapter wasnt there, and when
the light is blue it is there. I dont know what to do, any
suggestions..... I have tried full system recovery and restore to
manufactor settings.