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Aly Nada
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Default Thumbnails not generating

Ok so here is my story:
I have tons of videos on my laptop (vista Home premium 64-bit) pretty
much all of them are avi and they all had thumbnails
One day i went on a program deleting rampage to delete useless and old
programs, and after that the videos still had thumbnails.
A few days after that i got a folder full of videos from a friend (avi
also) but they had no thumbnails, in attempts to generate them from
internet forums i checked the option to hide thumbnails and then
unchecked it again. My old thumbnails dissapeared and did not come
back... its very annoying have so many videos and not having thumbnails
on them.
I'm pretty sure it's something i uninstalled... i installed ffdshow and
many other codecs to try to fix the problem still nothing
I would REALLY REALLY appreciate the help!
Thanks in advance

Aly Nada