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I posted herea long time ago, and other places. I set up two gmail accounts and was trying to reach the original one by typing it in the google search box. instead i discovered several items under my old e-mail address not only posts but ads i placed on craigslist?? how did this happen and how can I preent it in the future/ also what is the best way, when you have two gmails to determine which account you want to look up? finally, anyone know a good online computer training school? one_candle
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Folks -

You are reading this probably because you are considering participating in these Windows Vista related newsgroups. These are among the finest discussions of their kind on the internet, with many contributors who have the widest experience imaginable.

This forum is a web gateway to these newsgroups. VistaBanter mirrors these discussions and allows you to participate through a high quality web forum.

Many people choose to access these groups through a newsreader (e.g. Outlook Express). I make no distinction about the merits of each way of accessing these newsgroups, VistaBanter merely offers an alternative to a newsreader.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with newsgroups or Usenet, the best description I've seen is at

What is Usenet? and What is Usenet? A second opinion.

No one "owns" Usenet and the groups that are gatewayed into VistaBanter are mostly unmoderated. The feed that we provide is a service and is just a gateway into another discussion area. You're liable to see flaming, bad language, bad behaviour and a whole bunch of really objectionable stuff if you look hard enough.

But, as you continue to look, you'll see some real gems of information and some *very* knowledgeable folks.

Once again, VistaBanter doesn't own Usenet, has no control over its content and the feeds are provided without any interference (or moderation) from the folks on VistaBanter.

Usenet can be harsh at times - but this newsgroup community as a whole has unparrelled knowledge and can be amazingly helpful.

To participate in the discussions through VistaBanter, you will need to register. Registration is quick and free.

I strongly recommend before posting for the first time to read through previous posts in the forum to get a feel for the style of that group. If there is a FAQ, please read it. These are normally the first thread in the forum marked as 'sticky'. Also use the search function to check if your question has been asked before.

Please note, when posting from this website you are not only posting to this website forum, but to the newsgroup. Your message will be propagated to many hundreds / thousands of servers and will end up in other newsgroup archives such as this (E.g. Google Groups).

To sum things up, I really hope you enjoy participating in these newsgroups , but read at your own risk