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Default Still Can't Delete a file

You should try a couple of freeware programs that deal with situations
like this.

1) Unlocker is a good little utility.

'Unlocker 1.8.8 Download - Freeware - Utilities Category'

2) Move On Boot is also good.

'MoveOnBoot - Rename, Move, Delete Locked Folders and Locked Files on
Restart' (

If those two don't resolve the problem, here is another solution, but
it's only for the technically proficient:

1) Shut down and unplug your computer.

2) Pick it up, taking care to lift it safely.

3) Put it in the boot of your car (we technicians call this a reboot).

4) Drive to a lake, a scenic one for preference. Stop off on the way to
pick up some cold beers.

5) Take computer out of boot, carry to lake edge and throw it in.

6) Take out beers and drink by side of lake, reflecting on how much
better your life is now that your computer is at the bottom of the lake.

That's it!


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