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Default HP Deskjet 935 C

Did you right click on your printer, select properties, and color
"Ritter197" wrote in message
I see in the above printer no such option in the Advanced option nor do I
see on the printer a return to factory settings. Sorry.

"Elmo" wrote in message
Ritter197 wrote:
I have a HP Deskjet 935C printer which has always worked fine in both
Black and White print and in Color.

Today I wanted to print a color document and it always shows in the
preview as a black and white document (which it is not).

It also prints it as Black and White. Yet , I checked all on the printer
and it is set for Best quality Color and I just cannot figure out why
the preview shows it always in black and white.

I have a newer Epson and it shows and prints it fine in color. So the
document is OK. It is something on the HP printer, but I cannot figure

Any ideas?

In Properties, Advanced, make sure "Print in Grayscale" is deselected.
Also try the Factory Settings button.

Joe =o)