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Default External Drive problems

Hi guys,

The problems I've been having is with my Windows Vista Home Premium
32bit, Toshiba Laptop (A300).

For some reason, It's unable to either normally format any external
memory devices into a FAT or FAT32 format, or unable to read it at all.
I keep trying to open the device but it keeps saying that i need to
format it, but because of problem 1, it can't be formated (it almost
completes but the process shuts down, stating that it can't be

This problem has been happening for the longest time and I really need
this fixed.

When I say external memory devices, i mean CDs, DVDs, Flash drives, SD
cards, memory card readers. Everytime I check the disk management of
these devices, it says they are Primary Partitioned (which is the normal
status right?). And the only thing that seems to be the problem is the
RAW file system (which I heard windows doesn't read)

However, the wierd thing is if I plug in something like a USB mouse, or
a camera, it has full functionality (I.E. the mouse works/files are
reachable on the camera).

I then tried to format it using the cmd lines, and tried to format it to
FAT32, but after it says 100% formated, and i try to use it again, Disk
Management tells me that it's back in RAW format.

How can i fix this...

Thank you in advance.